Be A Shining Star: Daily Devotional

This daily devotional not only encourages the reader to draw into a closer relationship with God but describes the blessings and joy of doing so. Bible reading references show how God is faithful through all our days. Because of His love and faithfulness, we as His children should shine His light of love and hope to all we meet. The intended audience is both Christians and those who are seeking to understand more about why Christians chose to believe as they do. Sample: “How bold have your prayers been lately? How many of you have ever been “surprised” when God answered a prayer? Prayer is such a precious gift; however, I’m not sure we have its full potential all figured out. Some of us have our standard prayers that cover the “essentials” in our lives. Some of us just approach the throne when we have problems or concerns. Some of us may feel unworthy. However, when we accepted Jesus into our lives, prayer became one of the benefits. ” Join the author for a year of stepping out on faith to become more of who God created us to be.