Fun Online Activities to Help Battle Rainy-Day Blues

Spring and summer provide children with lots of opportunities for exercise and enriching outdoor activities. When the weather is bad outside, many kids will stumble back inside and grab the nearest device to play games or fiddle around on social media, or slump in front of a TV or gaming console to waste away the day. The next time rain sends your kids inside, try kick-starting their physical health and enlightening their minds. They still get to use their devices, but you can steer their navigation to fun and educational content.

Prepare a Healthy Dish

When your kids get hungry, use this opportunity to teach them to cook. Making a healthy meal together doesn’t have to be overwhelming; all you have to do is enter a few search terms to find an easy recipe that your children can help with. Choose one that’s nutritious, but if you can, also make it fun. Using cookie cutters and naming the dish after your kids can spark enjoyment and make them want to spend more time in the kitchen.

Educating your children about healthy food shouldn’t stop at mealtime. When it comes to snacks, you can find a ton of ideas for healthier alternatives online. For example, while popcorn is a fun option for your kids to learn to cook, this popular snack can be made healthier in a popper instead of its original bag. Before buying a popper, read an online guide that compares the best ones.

Get Moving… Indoors

There are countless outlets online for exercising and adding physical fitness to your day. Apple TV has its App Store full of workout routines, classes, and bootcamps, and some are aimed toward younger participants. There are also yoga classes and tai chi as well. Much of this content is premium, meaning that there may be a monthly charge for access, but those that are paid typically have higher-quality content, including professional coaches and varied levels.

YouTube is also filled with numerous options. Since YouTube is free, you will either have to endure some ads to access content or deal with lower-quality videos. You may have to search around to find the best videos for your kids, but with some scouring, you can find something that will motivate any child to get moving.

If your kids aren’t into workout videos, try to get them moving with dance. From music videos to dance-offs, there are many choices that will keep them moving and off the couch. If you are concerned about content, try searching for radio edit versions of their favorite songs or steer toward family-friendly YouTube channels.

YouTube Is Tailor-Made for Music and Art Lessons

Music not only motivates people to move, it is also a medium for enlightening and teaching. Many families have a cheap keyboard, ukulele, or guitar lying around. Use these old toys as sources for new education by watching music lesson videos. Challenge your children to learn songs, then play together as a band for a rainy-day concert. Music education is proven to help children excel in learning, and produces more well-rounded and appreciative students.

If music isn’t up your kids’ alley, try using online sources for art education. YouTube is full of drawing and painting tutorials. Regardless of the subject matter, your children will be able to find someone on the internet showing a step-by-step process of how it’s drawn.

Learn Science While Having Fun

You can also slip in some learning opportunities in core school subjects, especially science. Many websites feature fun family science activities in which kids can make scientific messes in your kitchen on a rainy day. Many middle schoolers are infatuated with DIY crafts and art projects that incorporate science, such as the slime-making trend. Enjoy a slime tutorial day and try to point out the science behind the slippery stuff.

The next time the sun hides behind the clouds and rain keeps your kids indoors, seize the opportunity to infuse your kids’ day with some fun and learning.

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